Self – Motivation – 5 Strategies For Surviving the "Pit" of Life

Does it seem as if life has presented you with situations where you have been knocked down and knocked around? Are you facing a barrage of obstacles, challenges, issues, and problems? Do you feel as if you’ve been knocked into a “pit”?

I define the “pit” as a state of being in which you feel helpless, hopeless and unable to succeed. Your energy is low, your actions are stagnant, and your faith is weak. Overall, you lack the ability to motivate yourself to take action.

I have found that once you fall in the “pit”, it is sometimes hard to come out. You struggle and can’t get a grip. You slip, you slide, you fall flat on your face. Worse yet, you feel as if you can’t see, and there seems to be no one around to help.

What I have come to realize, however, is that self-motivation is one of the most crucial resources to surviving the challenges of life. Self-motivation is when you can see beyond your current situation in order to move yourself into action.

Even though we all have self-motivation as a tool to increase our chances of avoiding life’s pitfalls, I have observed that there are those of us that find it extremely hard to remain motivated in living life daily. And worse yet, I’ve realized that there are some who completely rely upon other people to motivate them.

No matter what life has tricked you into believing about yourself, understand that you must motivate yourself! When you are knocked down by the challenges of life, know that you are your greatest resource to getting back up again!

Here are five (5) strategies that I developed which will help you to remain motivated to climb out your “pit”:

“Put on your Rhinestone Combat Boots”: Put your foot down, take a stand and declare, “Enough is enough!” Feel good about yourself as you wear the knowledge, experiences, wisdom, and faith that will help you to fight battles, climb over challenges, and kick butt”.

“Focus on the Light”: You must realize that your success depends on you believing in yourself and pushing beyond what you see. You must learn to focus on what lies ahead (i.e. job promotion, SBA loan, keys to your new home) and not dwell on what has passed (i.e. layoff, bankruptcy, divorce).

“Grasp Again”: Learn that when you slip in grasping for something that you want, that break gives you a chance to take a breath, regain your strength, and renew your focus, allowing you to see the best way to grasp again. As my favorite singer, Aaliyah, once sang, “if at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again, you can dust it off and try again, try again.” Meaning, keep grasping until you get a firm hold and can overcome your obstacles.

“Have a Flashback Party”: Get together with a group of your closest friends. Allow those who know you well to shed light on the areas where you are great. You will gain strength as the memories reveal your achievements, successes, and moments of fearlessness. The “flashback party” will add to your self-confidence and boost your self-esteem and give you the energy to fight the darkness.

“Sing a Tune”: “Singing a tune” of positive words will uplift, encourage and motivate you to put forth your best effort to overcome the challenges of your life. Quotes, words of praise, affirmations, and scriptures are examples of positive “tunes” that you must play in your mind over and over again as you experience your darkest moments.

Success in life does require you to receive guidance, direction and assistance from others. Yet, the vital key to remaining out of and moving beyond the “pit” requires that you serve as the motivating force of your own life. When you “Put on your Rhinestone Combat Boots”, “Focus on the Light”, “Grasp Again”, “Have a Flashback Party”, and “Sing a Tune”, your actions will develop you into a capable individual who is wise and strong enough to overcome the challenges life throws your way.

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