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Students enrolled in college and pursuing higher degrees often face financial crisis as there is limited time to devote to job and money earning. Dearth of money impedes in accomplishing the basic necessities of life and paying for the accumulating bills. This might even result in heavy dues.

The government, states, counties, universities, colleges and agencies offer billions of dollars for financial assistance to college students. The funds facilitate in compensating for the bills and availing the primary prerequisites for a standard living.

Grants to Pay College or Educational Fees

Educational expenses are quite tough to bear while being in college. Low income aspiring students require financial assistance to pay off their college fees, bills and other academic costs. Government, state, nonprofits, private organizations and foundations offer college grants that cover up the educational expenses, college supplies and help pursue higher degrees.

• Federal Pell Grant

• Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant

• Work Study Program

• Federal TEACH Grant

• Academic Competitiveness Grant

• National SMART Grant

• State funded college grants

Grants to Pay Bills and Rent for Housing

Housing grants are disbursed to eligible low income students seeking college education. Managing housing rents and mortgage payments can be tough for students hence grants are offered for rental expenses and to facilitate safe, independent and affordable housing.

• HUD housing assistance


• Foreclosure and eviction prevention

• Low Income and Emergency Housing Assistance

• HOME Investment Partnership’s Program

• Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

• Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program

• Public Housing Program

Grants to Pay Bills or Money for Transportation

Students need to commute from home to college that consumes a considerable chunk of their savings. Travelling in public transport, renting vehicle for transportation in remote areas, purchasing a car etc can be very expensive and tough for students to bear. Hence automobile grants, transportation programs and travelling assistance are given to help pay off the bills or expenses:

• U.S. Department of Transportation

• State Department Of Transportation

• Arizona Department of Transportation

• Free Cars from nonprofits like Cars for charity, 1-800-charity cars, Cars for success, Car care ministry etc

Grants to Pay Bills for Day Care

Single parents seeking education need reliable daycare assistance to keep their kids in trusted and trained hands while they are away. It however requires a substantial amount which might be unfeasible for low income college students. Grants are available to pay off the bills or obtain services at subsidized rates.

• Head Start

• Child Care Development Fund

• Child Care Aware┬« Of America

• State Assistance

• Local Church and Private Child Care Assistance

Grants to Pay Bills for Food

Due to dearth of funds students also need to struggle to pay money for healthy and nutritional food. Hence the government, state, communities, nonprofits and counties offer food assistance, free groceries, food items and voucher cards. The food programs also enable in paying off the due money or bills.

• Emergency Food and Shelter Program

• Meals on Wheels

• Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

• Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children

• School Lunch and Breakfast Assistance Program

• Feeding America BackPack

• The Emergency Food Assistance Program

If you are a college student then start applying for the countless support programs and grants that can financially assist you in your endeavor and help pay off the bills for your daily necessities.

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